Thursday, March 1, 2012

Welcome To The National Veterans Memorial Riders

We are a grass roots club determined,to honor the many patriots who gave there all for this great country.for way to long our veterans haven't gotten the recognition they deserved,for there service.were gonna change that.the national veterans memorial is located north of Evansville,has been there for years,a few years ago it was finally recognized by the government as a 1 of a kind.the only national memorial dedicated to honor all Americans who served defending our freedom,from the civil war to Afghanistan.  as riders we will honor all who served this country by riding were ever needed ,,help raise money for expansion.The city of Evansville has shown a interest in the memorial.and is interested in moving it into the city.Our appearance and image is vital to our cause.we will be and look professional at all times.Welcome aboard and thank you for joining us.

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